Sunday, November 1, 2009

I <3 Halloween

I decided I wanted to have a Pumpkin party!
I sent out invites to a couple friends and invited them over for the Sunday before Halloween to carve pumpkins and have an all around good time.

I wanted pies and seeds and Friends.... and of course, pumpkin carving!
And thats what we did. =)

Ted brought over some Punkin Beer! It was tasty, though I liked the Autumn Ale more...
The pumpkins:
Serena made Cupcakes! Chocolate with butterscotch chip!
Don't they look awesome?
Serena wasted NO time diggin in!
Ted is so serious...
Michele, wearing a cute silk scarf for the event...
Shes so fabulous, she has to wear silk when removing pumpkin guts.. ;-)
Matt doesn't realize yet that he cut the lid wrong...
I'm so pensive

We had to had separate the seeds so we could toast them!

The pumpkins!
ALL the pumpkins: (from Left to right)
Mine, Micheles, Serena, Matt, Teds
Toasted Pumpkin seeds!

We had a lot of fun, we had pumpkin pie, apple pie, cupcakes, beer, and carving!
It was such a good time, we decided Serena is hosting a Christmas cookie swap,
then around Easter we're coloring eggs, and a big Mardi Gras!

I can't wait for the next party!!


  1. I will send you an invite next time ;-) Michele came all the way from stamford! :-)

  2. Very nice. I especially like the one that looks like a face/bat.