2013 Bucket List

2011 was the year I turned 30 and made a list of things, half of which were financially impossible (at least for a financially responsible young lady), but 2012 will be different.  I like having a list of things I want to accomplish in the year, I'm someone that likes having goals. If I have goals, I try harder.

In this last year, I've discovered that I love when someone tells me I cannot do something. It means I will do it because I am too stubborn to fail. That being said, I hope I have compiled a list of things that will be easier for me to accomplish than my last one.

  1. Make running an everyday part of my life
  2. Take a dance class, something latin
  3. Explore the Connecticut wine trails
  4. Ice Skate in NYC
  5. Go Indoor Rock Climbing
  6. Go to a Country bar and learn at least one line dance
  7. Do some form of fine art, once a month
  8. Learn to shoot a gun
  9. Go horseback riding

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