Saturday, April 26, 2008


This complacency is getting to be too much...
i'm getting little done

i miss kelli

am i going to miss school?

will i really graduate?

Talene said to not worry about the kelli thing too much, "just look at you and ola"
true that tata... I feel blessed to have Ola back in my life, i'm honored that she invited me to the wedding. was so glad to be there. It meant a lot for her to want me there...
it meant a lot for her to ask me to do her makeup.
i cried.

I'm so happy for her, I really am.
they're great ;-)
I had fun with her and her friends...
she looked was amazingly beautiful -- and damn..that ring was daaaaaaaaaamn!!! hahaa...

anyway... i'm procrastingating and not doing work... i'm falling behind like i tend to do at the end of the semester, however this is the worst semester to do that!!
grrr.... HELP!

oh! and i'll be house/ink (cat) sitting for todd and amy when they're in hawaii... that means i get to not be home for a week... YAY!

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