Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm so opinionated!

Whenever I see someone doing something that I think it wrong, I bite my tongue because who am I to say what they are doing is wrong.  However, when what they're doing can cause them harm, I cannot help but to say something.  The last thing I want I for people to fall victim to the same things I fell victim to.

What am I talking about? Diets. Your diet and how to diet.

The best way to "diet" is to change your way of thinking... a diet is your food, "this is what is on my diet" not, "I am on a diet" - that way of thinking (I am on a diet) will (unfortunately and inevitably) make you binge.  My co-worker is on the so called VLC Diet, 1,000-1,200 calorie diet, a twitter friend is on a 900 calorie diet and unfortunately they are not sustainable and its that sustainability that will help you KEEP the weight off (the ultimate goal).

There's actually an awesome podcast that I do listen to (and have blogged about before) and their, and now my, motto is "Eat like the thinner person you want to be." Basically, eat the number of calories now, that you would eat at your thinner weight.  Thin people do not DIET.  They eat what they want in moderation.  They eat only when they're hungry.  They may enjoy food, but they eat for nourishment.  They might binge once in a while, but they don't beat themselves up and they don't starve them selves for binging.  It is very hard to remember all these things. I understand that. But you have to remind yourself until it is second nature. Fat2Fit Radio is the podcast and you can listen to it on the website, but it is on iTunes as well.

The problem with eating too few calories is that you can really mess up your metabolism.  Your body will start to burn muscle rather than fat and it will store that fat.  I'm not sure if people heard about a study that came out earlier this year but there is a such thing as "normal weight obesity."  Yes, you read right.  Just because you're at a "normal" weight does not mean you're healthy.  People that lose weight in ways that are not healthy can still be considered obese!  Take a look...

ABC News reported it, CBS reported it and here are two articles here, and here from the Mayo clinic, one of them from 2008!

From MyFox:
Myth...: Skinny people aren't fat

It's called normal-weight obesity and about 30 million Americans are living with it. These thin people have such a high percentage of body fat that they are actually considered obese.

In this case, resistance training can help build muscle and add cardio to your workout to keep your heart healthy.

I believe I have mentioned BMR in my blog before (Basal metabolic rate) - by eating a # of calories below your BMR will mess up your metabolism. You will lose muscle. It is dangerous to eat too little.

Do a test.  Check your BMR, see what your BMR is and what you should be eating at for your size and activity level (they've really taken all the guess work out).  Compare that to your ideas and TRY it for a few weeks.  You'll gain weight at first because you're eating more, however after a couple weeks you'll start losing!  I am 5' 8" and my goal weight is about 165-170 (not tellin ya my current weight ;-) and I eat 1800-2200 calories a day and I lose 1-2 pounds a week.  I also run 3-5 miles 4-5 days a week.

Something that people forget is it took you a long time to gain the weight and it could take you a long time to take it off... Slow and steady wins the race. But this isn't a race!!
Studies have proved that people who try "get thin fast" programs have to find a new program again before the year is out!  If you start your weight loss journey today and your neighbor starts their "X" fast and fancy diet today, it might take you twice as long or three times as long to lose, let's say 20 pounds, but by the time you're done losing, she'll be starting over with a NEW weight loss program... and now she needs to lose 25 pounds.
I have food issues.  I won't discuss them here, but Its not easy to be on any "food plan" is hard.  I know this.  But I feel SO passionate about this because 5 1/2 years ago, I started a healthy weight loss but (as this was the thinnest in my life) I became anorexic.  At my smallest (my friends said I was too thin, i still don't think so) I was eating watermelon for breakfast and lunch and eating a small dinner (it was summer so watermelon was everywhere).  My brother would joke and ask if I was anorexic and I got SO mad!  It wasn't until two years later, in therapy, that I realized I had been anorexic. 
It is SO important to be lose weight in a healthy way!!  I know this may sound like a rant but I worry about people... I don't want you (yes YOU) to get sick and I don't want you to gain all the weight you're working SO HARD to lose, because I hate to say it... but you WILL gain it back if you aren't not eating enough. 
Eventually you'll get tired of starving/restricting.  When you lose weight you have to use a meal plan that you can sustain, at least, for the long haul.  Also, you have to be open to changing your meal plan/diet as you age and you change and your body changes because your bodies needs will change!
Recently, I saw that "Slim Fast" has a new tag line, "Because who has time to slim slow?"  WHAT?!  I was floored!  Society is in such a rush to lose weight, that now these programs are preying on these sad people who want to lose "20 pounds in 2 weeks" or some other ridiculous and unachievable goal. Only a morbidly obese person could lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks!  Anyway, don't fall for the gimmick because that's all it is. A gimmick.
I know, long post, said a lot, went everywhere... What does a chubby girl with a degree in art know about food and nutrition? Well, I know a lot. I've read a lot, I've researched a lot.  Also, I am seriously thinking about going back to school and this time for dietetics. Thus ends my rant!  Please feel free to leave comments!


  1. I'M COMMENTING!!!1!

    Seriously, someone once said that food is just fuel. It really is, and as soon as I see it as that, maybe I will quit eating nachos every weekend!

  2. I can mostly remember that food is fuel, however I love GOOD food, so I can say no to Nacho cheese! When I come visit, I'll have to help you and Jeffy get over your love of crappy fast food ;-)

  3. I LOVE your opinions and never stop giving them! :)

  4. UMMM That BMR calculator doesn't take into account if you're missing any limbs. I think that would make a significant difference, don't you?