Sunday, May 11, 2008


So Alem told me to join okcupid so we can take quizzes on there and she wanted to see if we were compatible as friends... shes silly, we're perfectly compatible as friends according to them (and me). Anyway, I've been talking to a couple guys on there, its an interesting site. i started chatting with a guy today that seems really great and interesting. the online dating thing hasn't been something i've felt comfortable with bc it just weirds me out, but this site seems... different. does that make sense? I don't know. I'm just tired of being so darn lonely.

JoAnn keeps trying to contact me, telling me shes engaged and she misses me and she likes me haircut and ola looked beautiful at her wedding... why can't she just get the point that i don't want to talk with her? why cant she just get that i don't like her anymore, we're so different. She used to always get upset and say that i've changed and I would take that as negative until i realized that yes, I had changed, but shes stayed the same. she needs to move on and changed and grow. heh.. she is growing, into a boring old lady.

anyway, i need to try to not stress but deffinetly get my work done, theres too much-- i might pull out all my hair! EEK!!

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