Tuesday, August 19, 2008

my milkshake brings all the.... oops...

Well... I have decided I have 68 pounds i want to lose. I'd be willing to lose just 58, but 68 is in my range if i can just do it. I need to do it healthily this time. last time i did i started out fine, but became so unhealthy. This time i need to do it. i'm tired of this.
its so hard to stay on track in this house. there is always bad food. always an excuse for it.
i've been doing good about going to the gym a couple days a week, i want to make it daily. EVERY DAY. according to this particular website, i can lose 68 pounds by april 13th or something. I shouldn't try to outdue myself, I shouldn't try to be unhealthy or even beat myself up if i cant make it, but its what I want to do.
I hate being me sometimes....

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