Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Awesomeness :-)

So I feel Like I don't post about enough good things that happen and only bad things. I think last night was one of the most fun I have had in a long time. My friend Brian invited me to be his date for this event at Carnegie Hall. It was called "revelations" there was pretty interesting. Duncan Sheik was one of the speakers as was a guy from Rent (original Cast) and Anna Gasteyer (shes in Wicked now?). There were 3 other men I didn't know and can't really remember, Lin-Manuel something who wrote and is in "the heights" the guy that directed Hairspray (the new movie musical) and the director of Legally Blonde. They talked and sang and had a great time on stage. Duncan Sang two songs, one from Spring Awakening and one from a new play not open yet, Lin sang a song he wrote for "working" (whatever that is) about his first job, McDonalds delivery guy, and the guy from rent sang a song he wrote when his mom was having cancer treatments.

Well I got to the City and met Brian at Carnegie Hall then we went to dinner, got sushi. it was good. He ordered Uni, ooni (sp?) which was the butt of a lot of jokes through the night. We had time so we found a bar and had a drink before we went back to the hall. The hole Carnegie Hall "show" was cool. It was all for the "notables" who are wealthy youngsters in the city who contribute to CH. After the 'show' there was an after party at the Russian Tea Room. It was BEAUTIFUL. We started off in one room, 4th floor I think, that was wall to wall mirrors. all read and gold accents. there were chandeliers that were gold and had bears on them. There was so much and it was beautiful, breath-taking. The party was sponsored by Heavy Water Vodka so they had the vodka and mixers for all. It was tasty, and helped me to be a little less shy around all these new people. Of course, I embarrassed myself and said virgin instead of vegetarian, common mistake right? Yeaaaaaa.... The room on the second floor was just as amazing. It was blue and silver with mirrors all over the walls and a big, no BIG glass bear at the entrance. The bear was filled with Large goldfish. It was breath-taking, I can't impress upon you just how beautiful it was.

Anyway, Brian and I left there about 11:30 ish and he insisted on seeing me to Grand Central Station. So we hopped into a cab and made our way. The driver was very nice, I think he was Indian, and so cute. He told Brian, "You better take care of your princess." Brian, "Of course I'll take care of her." "She's a princess I can tell." I was, by now, Blushing and so embarrassed. I'd be lying if I said it didn't feel good to have these two men talking about my grander but still I was embarrassed. We check the train time and realized I had 45 minutes, which Brian insisted on waiting with me for - SUCH a gentleman. He insisted on finding a cigarette, and while I said EW, I gave him credit for not smoking all night, since he knows I hate it. Once he found them, we went to a bar for a drink while we waited. Once the time was up, we went to the train station and he walked me right up to the train... aaand we kissed again. It was a sweet, romantic good-bye kiss.

So Alem asked how long I've known him. I've known Brian since My birthday 2006, we met at Bennigans Karaoke. We had a blast that night and I think we made out at the end of the night, hahaa... He's a cute guy, nice, funny, and he's an artist. Well, why didn't we get together then? she asked. He was looking to move to Brooklyn and that same night I met Matt, the asshole Getzewitch and WE started dating.

Cut to months later and, back at Bennigan's this regular guy was signing U2, Sunday, Bloody Sunday. It was awesome, he was great! I, sort of under my, sighed and said I dig U2.  Brian Got excited, he enjoyed hearing that, and was like oh my gosh! I was hoping you'd say that... "OH NO! U. 2. I dig U. 2.!!  I think I was seeing Matt when this happened, otherwise I would have went with it.  He brought this event up last night when we were having a drink before going to CH.  I was embarrassed all over again...

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