Friday, November 28, 2008


I've been looking at the blog of this girl whos hippo pattern I am working on and I found suck great things on it... she had links for and Adorable Safty Cone, BANANAS, and a cute lil elephant. She is a vegan and wrote a book of recipes. Her blog is SO professional! Deff check it out. I should do that :-)

So, back tothe hippo, I've only got he snout done so far and am working on the head... it looks like its going to be a messed up looking hippo, if it doesnt work out i'm going to take it out (which i gather is known as frogging - grogs say ribit, ribit, and frogging is ripit ripit... haha get it?) becuase I saw one person that had made him, they dindt care and it looks awful...

WISH ME LUCK! hah...

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