Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Update

Well, the last time I blogged was during week one of work, now it is the beginning of week 3.  I really like my job.  It's interesting and I work with two of my friends.  Also, everyone I work with seems nice, I have, however, been warned about some people to watch out for, whether they are gossips, annoying, lazy, etc etc.  Kisha is still awesome, very patient with me and all my questions. Oh, and she just got promoted with Ola's old job.    Driving home today, I realized this is the type of job I have wanted.  I like it, I'm happy.  Don't get me wrong, last week sucked bc we were doing an audit... a lot of data entry and checking information, it took almost an entire week, nearly 40 hours, although I did get overtime for it.

I've been doing a lot of crocheting lately, many projects at once.  Some things I'm not even putting on Ravelry.com yet too.  Last week Beth and I met up with Ali and I taught her how to crochet.  she was so excited!  I loved that! I loved that Ali was so excited to learn and do it.  In under a week she finished a scarf!  I'm very proud of her and can't wait to see it. :-)

Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  We're not doing much just Mom, dad Raffi and grandma and me.  Small.  Small is okay, but big is better.  I like have thanksgiving with my entire family, makes me more thankful.

This weekend is the anniversary of my great uncles death.  Apparently its been 10 years, I'm not sure if I believe that!  but wow... It feels like it hasn't been that long. When he died, we were all shocked.  He wasn't unhealthy, he wasn't old.  My grandmother (it was her brother) was broken.  This was her little brother and he just up and died.  Went to the hospital and was died in like a day or two.  So out of left field.  My cousin is having a memorial service at his church in NYC on Sunday with a dinner at his house. He misses his dad like you wouldn't believe.

Back to crocheting!

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