Saturday, December 6, 2008


I'm so angry.
So I belong to this online "knit and crochet community,", and I was just invited to join a group on there and found out they have a weekly stitch and bitch on Saturday mornings. Well, I was all looking forward to going, and I told my mother this morning that I was going, it is at 10am... I gave her the 411, as she is a nosey.....

All of a sudden, its a quarter of and she goes off one me. YOU NEE TO CLEAN THE HOUSE, PUT THESE BOXES IN THE ATTIC, BURN THAT DVD FOR GRANDMA. SATURDAY IS HOUSE DAY, YOU HAVE TO CLEAN IT. I'm sorry, what?! OR I'LL KICK YOU OUT. What else am I going to say, but the truth? Go ahead, I don't care, you think I want to live here? Kick me out, do me that favor! (although, I said less and not as rude... come on my parents are foreign, I'll get smacked!)

I'm almost 28 years old and 1- my mother talks to me like I'm 15 and 2- I let her a. ruin my mood/day and b. change my plans. I don't normally fold like a thanksgiving turkey (that doesn't work does it) but I felt guilty... So instead of meeting new fiber fans that live in the area... I'm stuck at home... Ani's angry.

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