Friday, December 26, 2008

Mother of all Blogs

So, for the holidays I have made a crap load of foods... 

For the holiday party at work (which was actually more a Christmas Party than anything else, I think there was all of one non-Christian. At least she didn't get another Christmas mug [as a Jew]!), I wanted to make something Armenian.  Partially so I can showcase my individuality and partially so I can share something a little different.

I decided to make Havla!
It's a fudge like dessert (consistency-wise) made with just four ingredients. And its SO yummy!!

Of course it took forever to find the right cookbook, I need to organize all my boxes in this house!!

Looks weird in the making...

But so tasty in the end :-)
Always cut in diamonds. Its the traditional way to cut it.

I found  beautiful recipe for truffle (I love truffles!!) - Irish Cream Truffles!

Take some Yummy Dark chocolate (and some milk chocolate)

Melt it down

Let it thicken

Add some Baileys...
~* Then have a shot for yourself *~

What do you get? YUMMY TRUFFLES! 

THEN I made a Gingerbread house for the neighbor!!  More on that later... :-)

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