Saturday, December 27, 2008

Todays Lunch :-) and stuff

I woke up this morning, remembering what I had vowed to work on.  Cleaning.  I got up and I took all the linen off my bed and set it aside to launder it.  Made my way into the kitchen and decided that was the place to start.  I started on one side of the kitchen and made my way around, started at the top and scrubbed the cabinets.  most were just a little bit dusty, however the ones under the sink and between there and the stove were gross.  I cleaned out under the sink (where we keep the trash can).  Before I got to washing the floors, I got a call.  "What's for lunch?" 

Being a good girl, I thought I should make something for when mom got home.  Took about an hour and half, but I some tasty Catfish Stew with Corn bread.

I'm not a fan of bacon, but I decided I should at least follow the recipe.  I cooked the bacon in the pot, then once the grease was out of it, took out all the bacon (eeewww!!!)
Then I killed the onion (as mom likes to say).  I love how onions actually turn transparent. I think its just such a cool happening.

Then, like a dummy, I opened the wrong can of Tomato... I didn't need sauce, I needed the actual tomatoes!
I love me some corn bread, with real corn in it and everything. perfect match for...
The Catfish Stew.

A traditional Southern meal! and oh so good :-)

Hey, I'm an artist... I have to take a million pictures... :-)

So after all this cooking, we had lunch at about 2pm.  By then I'd been on my feet all day and was too tired to think about doing more cleaning.  I'll need to work on my endurance ;-)

Tomorrow I'll vacuum, wash the floor and clean the bathrooms.  The bathrooms and the kitchen get so nasty... Sometimes I almost miss living with thecunt, as dirty as she was, at least she did TRY to clean sometimes. 
I said ALMOST miss... NOT ACTUALLY miss her ;-)

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