Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Portrait... and other stuffs...

Talene asked me the other day when I'll have enough money to move out of my parents house.  Unfortunately, I could move out at anytime... I just can't do that to my family.  Can't live with them can't live without them.  Thats how the saying goes right?

The reason I moved back home, besides the fact that my roommate was a crazy bitch and a half, is because my parents we're not making ends meet.  Lets just say, if it weren't for my uncle, we'd be living in a cardboard box.  It's a lot of pressure on a girl, but at the same time, I don't have a choice because I'm a good Armenian girl/daughter.

Beth just blogged about Holidays and family today.  Honestly, when I think of being with my family over the holidays, I want to kill myself.  And thats not just me being overly dramatic, which I know I tend to do.

In other news, I went on the Ultra Radio store Crawl tonight.  The first time ever that I have been eligible to win, I won!  However I won at Seychelles, which, while beautiful, it is VERY expensive.  The worker looked at me and said, "We have a $50 rack!" To which I replied, "Uh, I doubt I could fit into any of it!" I have a feeling a lot of my friends couldn't fix into anything.  He was an adorable and very flamboyant young man, and he pulled out a shirt and told me i could wear it with leggings, made a few comments.  Lets just say, I was wearing a long coat, and had I not been, he may have realized he was being WAY too forgiving!  Anyway, I picked out a GORGEOUS scarf that I noticed as soon as I walked in the store, and low and behold, was only $40! I got it with some money to spare.  I picked out this ugly PINK jelly purse for my little cousin, Ani.  She will LOVE IT! :-)

I just can't wait to use my scarf... It's sort of amazing.

OH! I never blogged about the play I saw last night, I'll have to do that tomorrow. Rough Crossing at Yale Rep.  They made up for the God awful (literally) "Passion Play"
In short, Rough Crossing was AWESOME!

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