Saturday, January 24, 2009

And the winner is...

I noticed many things while watching the Miss America pageant.

After the first round of eliminations, there were 15 women, all of whom were ORANGE.  It's one thing to use a little fake tan, but so much that you look ORANGE?!  Well, I should say all but two women (Miss Hawaii and Miss Georgia - who's black).

It's funny for all the makeup they're wearing, not many have their nails done. Weird.

Evening gowns were fine, whatever... then came talent.  There were 12 women, but only 10 were going to perform, they didn't know who was being eliminated until the last girl was called to perform.  Thats the worst way to drop those 2 because a couple of the performers were REALLY bad!  I felt bad...

They eliminate strangely...

The girls wore the STRANGEST and LARGEST earrings ever. HUGE AND GAWDY! I thought the 80's were ooover!

I loved Miss Georgia, but shes 1st runner up... the winner? Miss Indiana.  Her singing was mediocre, her evening gown was just awful (and like a wedding dress from the 80's)   can't even remember her question/answer which makes me thing it must not have been good.  I'm sorry Miss Georgia... you deserved it!!!

I haven't watched one of these in ages... I see why now.  

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