Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I started a new blog on my journey to lose weight, the healthy way.  I did really well once before, but as I lost more and more weight, I started to have anorexic tendencies (I didn't realize it till years later looking back on those times) and lost more and more weight, but it wasn't healthy.  Unfortunately, I am the type of person, if I don't see results fast enough, I lose motivation so I will have to work extra hard to get results.  But I have help!  The gym at work is having a "challenge" a weight-loss challenge with prizes and such.  How much can I lose in 12 weeks? Thats what I need to do!! :-)

Anyway, the blog is just going to be a place for me to keep track of what I do and how I feel. How I do as well... Its just a log of sorts.  Only to be read if 1- you're bored, 2- you're interested in my workout schedule 3- you want to be a cheerleader for me? hahaa and way.

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