Thursday, January 8, 2009

i wannit!!!

First off I just joined this blog... society of sorts and they have  regular contests... what are they giving away you ask?

well I'm sure you figured it out by the picture! this beautiful thing!  We have these at work and they're awesome.  Personally I like DARK coffees and they dont have them at work so I havent used it much, but they have tea and chai too... how awesome?

Anyway... wish for me to win!! :-)

what else do I want? these pins... not nearly as extravagant, but still exciting.  I think my favorite is the "where my stitches at" pin... but f I were to order these, with shipping, it would come to 2 dollars a pin, I'm too cheap for that.  

Not cheap, Frugal. I don't NEED the pins.  

Anyway... I thought I'd share that.

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