Thursday, February 19, 2009


Holy COW! I was like a month behind on my blog reading!!! At least. Or at most. I'm all caught up now!  I missed a lot of SITS entry, there were too many to catch up on... I had to let them fall by the wayside unfortunately!!!  

I've been so busy! Sheesh!

Anyway, I LOVE what this woman did with this chair amazing and so cool!!

Skimming through SITS I saw a post about BEAUTIFUL necklaces!!
Look at this beautiful thing!  I mean I would love it more if it wasn't PINK but I can handle it... I'm still looking at the etsy store, but I might just have to buy one. SO AWESOME!

This one, I'm in love with! SO CUTE!

I'm curious about the Note: "Pendants are water resistant, but NOT waterproof. Remove before swimming, showering, rainy days etc"  Take it off for a rainy day? sorta funny and weird.  But I love it anyway! lol

Thanks for reading :-)

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