Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh What a night!

Oh, what a dream…

It started out fine - chatting with X* about something she tweeted, though now that I look back, there was some tension. Then we’re hanging out and Y and Z are there too. Y was doing some weird exercise and X and I were laughing. I was sitting behind X for some reason; the 4 of us were lounging, if you will. I went to pull a hair off her back or something (I cannot remember exactly what I was going for) and I shocked her. She was rip-shit. Made some comment insinuating I did it on purpose. Ratting off all the wrongs I’ve done. I sat there for a minute after she attacked me – feeling attacked – and I was thoughtful about what she said… I got up and when around to face her, and with Y and Z there watching I looked at her and started to speak, she interrupted but I told her she had to listen, she attacked me and she had to listen to my points. She listened. I told her that she keeps thinking I’m doing things against her which I’m not; everything I do isn’t planned out and she should know I’m not like that. I told her I’m tired of her wishy-washy attitude; she’s my friend then she doesn’t talk to me for days. I – I don’t know what else I told her but I remember I was like “wait—Now I don’t remember what I was going to say… what else…” We all laughed and things were fine. She made some comment or was acting silly. Then I woke up.

This is starting to get to me.
It’s following me into my dreams.
I need to talk to X about it, but I fear that things will be broken after.
Whenever I talk to someone about my feelings and our relationship (friendship is a relationship, remember) they always end dreadfully.

*All names have been changed for privacy of the me ;-)


  1. Well there's always a chance that if you talk to this person about it then things might not go so well but if it's bothering you so much that you're dreaming about it then maybe it's warranted (in my opinion).