Thursday, May 7, 2009

Black er-- Red Velvet

So I used to have a great chocolate cake recipe I got from my friend JV. It was a tasty recipe, moist, not TOO sweet, and the frosting was real. It was great.

I lost it.

Now its Birthday time at work, and I want to make a cake and BL loves chocolate (you should see how much he eats) and I want to make him chocolate cupcakes! (I decided to nix the Cake idea at the last b-day, I made cupcakes and they were perfect, no need for a knife and forks!!)

I literally spent hours last night looking for recipes online and my friend tweeted for some ideas, which caused me to tweet for ideas. One person replied to each of us, and both recipes were from the same vegan site. Of course by this time, said friend made me want to make Red Velvet cake. I’ve always wanted to make it and try it. Perfect opportunity?

I did finally find a recipe I think I’ll use, but I hate trying cake recipes without adequate testing from SOMEONE. I was hoping Alton Brown would have a recipe (I trust him COMPLETELY) but alas, no go. There was Paula Dean, but she’s a crazy Southerner and her recipe didn’t have many stars, so I settled on one from Bobby Flay. We shall see how it is tonight when I make it! Unless you know of a better one?! If you do, send it over! Otherwise, sit tight, pictures and description to come!

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