Friday, August 14, 2009

Week in Review

This has been a pretty busy week.
One of my closest friends, the African, is moving to St Louis on Thursday and I pretty much told her that we're doing something every night till then. I had it all planned out and while not everything went as planned, it's been an awesome week so far.

Monday was my dear roommates birthday, She told me the African has to come so I relayed the information, and well, she had no reason to not come out. We all did car bombs together (the birthday girl's first time!) and really had a blast of a night which ended at the bar with us throwing water at each other (me and the roomie) and was followed by drunken 3 roomies hanging up an inspirational quote thingy i got the bday girl (it was awesome).

Tuesday is the way that didn't go as planned. However, we planned scrabble with roomie and her BF (I WON, IT WAS SO AWESOME!)

Wednesday we went to Westside Bar & Grill for "blues" music which ended up not being really very bluesy, but awe an awesome time, even tho a friend who lives far got TRASHED and we had to take care of her!!

Last night we did Karaoke! The African REFUSES to sing, but said she would since shes moving away, well she lied. I picked a song she knew and she still didn't want to do it, but she did (after punching me HARD - she may be little but OUCH!!!) We sang Flight of the Concords, "Ladies of the World" Anyway...

Tonight we have Happy Hour then Tomorrow we're checking out a club...

It made me so happy when the African said she was enjoying herself. My planning the week was purely for selfish reasons, I'm going to miss her and i want to hang out before she leaves... but I'm so glad that she appreciated it and has been having an awesome week as well...

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