Sunday, January 17, 2010

One Checked off

I posted a list of things I want to do this year, but since I've been sick since like... the 2nd... I haven't done anything... TILL today. Today I can cross off one item.

Today I went to see a movie by myself. I saw Leap Year. A TOTAL chick flick, I teared at the end... cinematography was mediocre, the movie was a bit CORNY but in the end, I liked it :-)

I decided since I was going to the movies alone, I'd go out to eat out alone as well... not a big deal right? Yea, well I have some sort of weird anxiety about it. It was great. I was in the moment and I enjoyed myself.


  1. Can you guess what I am thinking?
    I am freaked out by the same things, so commend you for conquering your fear
    Perhaps my own fear of being alone is so strong it keeps me isolated?
    Really impressed you are doing a blog, Ani.

  2. I've gone to the movies by myself a few times. It's easier to enjoy the movie that way, I think.

    Congrats on starting your list! It sounds like this will be an exciting year for you!