Sunday, March 21, 2010


I told myself I wouldn't neglect you... but apparently I lied... to me.

I've been really busy. Between running, my 12 step program, knitting and life, I have little free time. What time IS free is spent vegging.

I realized this week I've lost 16 pounds... My pants are big but I still don't see it. Not even a little bit. Weird.
I think my running is getting better, but I can't tell and not good enough... UGH!
I just knit for 5 hours straight tonight... and I didn't want to stop. I might have a new addiction.

Also, in less than a month I'm going to a baby shower. I've decided to hand knit the gift. I'm thinking baby/toddler (to grow with) blanket. I'm going on a yarn crawl (YAY!!) on Saturday so I can find the perfect yarn! :-)

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