Thursday, April 22, 2010

Forget the couch to 5k, I'm doin couch to 13.1 miles!

I am so hard on myself. I know I'm not the only one that does that.


Michele: "Remember, you're going couch to 13.1"


I do have to remember that. Why am I being so hard on myself? Why do I always expect so much from myself, expect the best and nothing less?  I guess because that's what has been expected of me growing up. 


I feel like I have to start back at square one a bit because I'm realizing that I can't even finish one mile without stopping.  I HATE to admit that. HATE. Which is why I should tell you all. Because telling you kills me a little on the inside ;-) lol. I'm such a weirdo! Hahaa! 


I'm glad I have people around me to remind me that I am doing well and I have accomplished a lot so far.  Especially as a person with flat feet and bad knees, to be running at all is an achievement. 


Actually, right now I'm equally worried about making the donation goal.  If I don't raise at least $1,800 in donations, I can't run at all and all this training will be for nothing. I think I have about $500 right now, just $1,300 left right? Oh goodness.  I shouldn't even say that out loud.  What if I can't raise it?  I'll be so sad :-(


  1. $1,800 in donations!?!?!? That's a butt load of dinero!

  2. I know, But its all for charity! Cancer man! You should repost the link on your FB and twitter ;-) I need help!!!

  3. Even if you don't raise enough money, don't say that the training was for NOTHING. You're getting a lot out of it, and the money you do raise still goes to the charity, right?

  4. No I know tata... I know it wasnt fr nothing, I'm being overly dramatic... I just want so much to make the goal...