Saturday, October 2, 2010

Busy bee

I have been so busy lately... So busy that i barely know what i've been doing.

I have my two classes for my major: Programming in Therapeutic Recreation & Death and Dying. The more i think about this new career choice, the more excited i get! I have decided i want to work as a recreational therapist in a VA hospital. I've been told that's going to be rough but I feel like that is where i would the most good. I need to be in a place where i can be myself and pull people out from their funk, something i've always loved doing.

Besides school i have work, and u have the ARS and our upcoming dance!

Which reminds me... I don’t think I mentioned this... I got my 60 day notice - finally!!! November 12 isn't last day at work! I can't wait!!

Anyway, life is busy, but good... I can't complain. :-)
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  1. Did you take death and dying with Al Bradshaw?


  2. Hi Virgina, no with Trish...
    Patricia Iovene

    Are you at GWCC??