Friday, February 11, 2011

I Feel a Need for Speed

Speed dating that is.

I did it.  Last night was my speed dating shenanigans with MA.

I can now cross out number 9 on my list.

So I've had a rough week with skin reactions and irritations.  Lets just say I wont ever be wearing clothes without washing them first.  I was not excited about going out last night but I did it anyway. 

I was nervous.  I had no idea what to wear!  So I sent CA a text, What the heck do I wear?! I hop in the shower and next thing I know, shes in my house.  She got a babysitter and ran right over!

I think I tried on 2 or 3 outfits, 3 cardigans, a red jacket and finally decided on gray pants,  red polka dot shirt and black cardigan. Oh, and black heels.  I totally wanted to wear my black kicks with red laces, but CW said absolutely not.

MA and I got to the bar around the same time and went in to check in.

Apparently I had to go by my email address:

After some mingling (MA & are not the best minglers...) the fun began. Or should I say, "fun."

This lovely red card told us where we'd meet our "dates" and I was the first one there. Boy was I anxious! 

My first date was actually pretty cool.  He was the guy that MA and I thought was one of the few good looking guys we saw.  He seemed nice, was easy to talk to but kept bringing up my age! Turns out he was my age, went to my high school and even graduated with me.  Neither of us knew who the other person was.

The next two guys were... nice... but different.  The Bulgarian was nice, but the musician was totally older than the group allowed, the fourth seemed older as well, but more normal.  The only guy I had nice good conversation that didn't feel forced was the 6th date.  Real nice guy, seemed smart and was pretty cute.

After the last date it was more mingling.  This time MA and I really did mingle. 

She had a date with a guy who was actually pretty cool.  Seemed really nice, smart and funny.  She seemed like she didn't really like anyone that night so I thought nothing of it. Anyway, we hung out at the bar till pretty late, I had no idea MA was feelin' this guy plus I kept catching him watching me when she was talking so I thought I had a connection.  Until I was taking pictures and he wanted a picture with her.  I knew it was all over then. Next, MA told me she wanted to kiss him and we were off. 

I left there pretty disappoint.  It's not often I don't think a guy is a douche, but hey, what can I do.  Anyway, MA is tall, blonde and pretty, who wouldn't want a piece of that?

I woke up feeling much better about the whole thing.  I probably learned a little something last night.  I think I learned to talk to a guy without being nervous even though I was nervous.  that doesn't make sense.  I didn't end up with any matches, but I'm not sure if I want to do this again.  We'll see how I feel about it. I'll likely think about it a little bit first.  The hosts boyfriend said he had a perfect guy for me... who knows.  I guess I just have to get myself out there.  If I get out there, I can meet people, but I like to hide.  It's like I'm afraid of the big, bad, mean man!

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