Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brussel Sprouts

If there is something I love, it's brussel sprouts.

Growing up, I'd watch sitcoms and they always talked about brussel sprouts; the kids freaking and saying gross. For this reason, I assumed brussel sprouts were... gross!

One day, I was given the opportunity to try this beautiful little vegetable that looks like mini cabbage. I've been in love ever since!

I never new Brussel Sprouts grew like this!
Isn't it awesome looking!
I'm a simple girl, and I like my vegetables simple too.

How I make brussel sprouts is easy:

Steam the sprouts for a couple minutes, this makes it do you don't have to cook as long. However, if you don't want to steam, you can just cook them over the stove for longer, till tender. Remember, don't steam the life out of these beautiful little mini cabbages, you're still going to cook them in the garlic oil!

Chop and sauté a few cloves of garlic in olive oil (I always use more than a recipe would call for - I LOOOOVE garlic), once you smell it cooking, add the sprouts and stir for a few more minutes, about 5, making sure all the sprouts are well coated and cooked in the garlicky olive oil. I will check to see how its cooked. I like my vegetables al dente!


What's your favorite vegetable? Have you had brussel sprouts before? If not, try them this Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays!


  1. sounds yum! i always boil mine to mush... total culinary sin, i know.

  2. I also looooove Brussels sprouts. I like to cut them in quarters, toss with some olive oil and salt and pepper, maybe add some diced apples, and roast them in the oven for 20 minutes. Mmmmm.....

  3. NNOOOOoooo!!! I refuse to boil veggies.. all the good stuff goes into the water!

  4. Oh heather... you had me till apples! I'm such a purist... or old fashioned... I like my veggies with veggies and fruits with fruits! It weirds me out to mix! But oven roasted sounds so good!