Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Go Karting

Post races...
Who knew that I would cross something off my 2012 goal list so fast!
It helps that I was invited to go go-karting when I had mad this list.

Earlier today I went to Grand Prix New York Racing with a friend for the first time ever.

First I had to watch the info/safety video in preparation, which got me a little bit nervous.  I wasn't nervous because I thought I'd die or anything like that. I was nervous because I was worried I'd forget what all the colors of the flags mean, I thought I'd make a wrong move, I thought I'd make mistakes and be "that girl" that can't drive.  Anyway, it was minor nerves and about 5 minutes later I had forgotten it all.

The workers at GPNY took a couple turn around the track in order to, in my opinion/guess, warm up the cars (we were going to be in the first group to go for the day). We watched them round the track, and I was making mental notes of how fast they were going and how I knew I wouldn't be going as fast!

The time came to get ready so we went into the room with all the equipment.  I was given a jumpsuit, a head-sock thing, a helmet and a neck brace. I got into my getup and when putting ont he helmet I got a little nervous. All of a sudden I was worried, "What if after I put this helmet on, I can't take it off"  

I'm not sure where this came from... but my friend assured me that it would come off, I put it on and walked out, was told me car and sat down.  As soon as I sat in the "car" I started smelling the exhaust... I got so claustrophobic... I've only been claustrophobic once in my life: get a head CT in a closed machine with a cage over my head. I was on the verge of freaking out and the men there (all cute, btw, some very young, others my age-ish) helped me out of my helmet and up off the "car."  

I was told this was normal and It happens often enough (with newbies).  The young man walked me back into the room with the equipment, gave me a looser head sock and a bigger helmet. I told him I was nervous but he assured me, if I try it and I can't do it, I can come back in from the track. He told me to keep the visor open just ajar and it might help.

I was trying to not freak out,  sat down, got ready and it was time to go!  There were 5 of us on the track for the first race.  I was definitely the slowest, which was fine with me.  I had a fun time racing, going in circles! According to the email GPNY sent, my best laptime in the first race was 37.56 seconds and I finished 5th.  For the second race, my best laptime in the first race was 35.34 seconds and I finished 2nd (out of only 2 of us).

I think I felt more comfortable going faster in the second race because it was only the two of us out there.  Of course I think it had something to do with my "car" too... it felt faster.  Actually, half way through, I had to stop and get a new "car" because mine got progressively more and more noisy... it was awful! Anyway, this was so much fun and I can't wait to do it again! That being said, I may have to hold of on doing it too soon, it was a bit more pricey than I can afford to do too often!

Have you been Go-Karting?  What did you think?

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  1. I have been twice, both paid for by my company or another as a "teambuilding" exercise. I did terrible the first time and had to be flagged to let other drivers pass me almost every lap, but I did much better the second time. I even beat most of the guys I work with. ;) We did not get to wear the cool jumpsuit, though. The "oh so fashionable" head sock, yes. ;)