Saturday, February 11, 2012

Time Management?

Its been a long week... or a short one, depending on how you think about it. Between school, internship, work and homework (coupled with my ADHD) I have had almost no free time (unless you count the 2 hours I veg out in front of the tube before I pass out at night... (although sometimes I do actually do homework in those 2 hrs before I pass out)

I'm sitting here at my desk (FINALLY, my macbook charger died and I finally got a new one - BTW apple rocks, I saved 90 bucks by not having to buy a new one, gave it to me FOR FREE!!!) working on an assignment for a class and I am making a mental tick of all the assignments I have and the very little (read: NO) time to do them all. And the semester is already half over?! What?! When did this happen?

I have to admit, I'm stressed, but I LOVE my classes and I really enjoy my time in the school, interning with 8th graders in Math (although they cuss like college seniors...).  I'm learning so much awesome information and thinking about things in a way I wouldn't have and hadn't thought of thinking before (did that make sense?). The classes are working.

I had trouble going from being super busy at work to being laid off, adding a couple classes to my lifeless life wasn't so bad, but then... now... jumping into full time grad school (actually, 4 classes) plus working (albeit only 7 hrs a week) and interning two full days, plus all the course work is a bit tough. I will make it, I just need to keep on pushing through!

My friend told me she googled "happy" and my face came up in the results. I was shocked and excited. The universe knows...

How do you manage your time when you're super busy? I'm taking advice so please give, give, give!

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