Monday, January 19, 2015


Over the course of two days last week, I read Dan Harris' book, "10% Happier." It was a page turner and I recommend it.

Basically it is a memoir of his life starting when he got into TV, how he started doing drugs, and eventually stopped. He later found meditation (well, he covered meditation for ABC News) and talks about his journey to enlightenment. I loved the book for a few reasons: 1, I love Dan and enjoyed hearing about his journey. 2, I have wanted to get into meditation for years. I actually did for a while, but it didn't last. Dan is a skeptic and really talks about every detail you might want to know about when learning about something new. 

Reading this has renewed my desire to get into meditating because I know it will help my ADHD symptoms. I can’t express to you how difficult it is to be an adult with ADD/ADHD. I think I honestly and actually thought I would grow out of this, like it’s a phase or something. Anyway, I’ve done some research and want to do some more, but I will be starting small. I have a CD by Dr. Weil, which is a guided meditation. I will start with that, and when I feel ready, I’ll move on.

Do you meditate? What have you found that it does for you? Do you have any pointers? Thanks for reading!

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  1. I am really bad at meditation. I hear it takes practice, but so far I haven't had the patience. Of course, sit me in front of a candle (or any sort of flame) and I can happily "zone out" for hours so maybe that's a form of meditation. Good luck!!