Sunday, April 12, 2015

Processed Almonds - Not for me!

I'm not here to say this product is bad, but to tell you about what I experienced when I recently ate these almonds. 

I bought these Blue Diamond almonds several months ago, back before I changed my diet but I put them in a cabinet and completely forgot about them until recently. I wouldn't buy these today for two reasons: they have added sugar and they are made using oils (and whatever Corn Maltodextrin is)... two things I've since cut from my diet. 

But I found them, and while I could have given them away, I thought that it'd be "okay" because it was just this one time and in the long run what's the big deal?!

I'm very curious what they put in these products, what the food industry puts into their "processed" foods because I had planned to only eat a small handful and ate at least two or three (or more). And I couldn't stop!  I haven't eaten compulsively since before my cleanse so this was scary. What if I started eating like this more than just this once?!

I don't know if I have an addiction to sugar so I physically couldnt stop or if the oil they use has some properties in it that make it addictive or if it was the corn maltodextrin, but I don't plan to try these almonds again! I have nothing against the Blue Diamind brand, I purchased a pag of their "Whole Natural" almonds which has ONE ingredient: almonds. 

Other than maybe two or three times, I haven't had anything with added sugar or any processed foods in months! I'm very proud of this accomplishment and I'm not mad at myself for eating these almonds!   I have said it before, it's all about forgiving yourself, it's about learning what works and what doesn't. I learned something about myself that day: I cannot eat those almonds because I will turn into a compulsive eater! 

With every journey we take, with every new thing undertake, we learn things about ourselves and that's awesome! I always tell my students that making mistakes is a good thing because that's how we learn, and I whole heartedly believe this. 

Have you learned something about yourself lately? What was it?! I'd love to hear your story!

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