Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy Days...

Its funny how I have been trying so hard to get over my depression and it’s the smallest things that make me feel so awful. And I’ve upped my dose of meds too. I started out with 75 mg of Effexor, and then I was taking 2 of them, now I’m up to 3 a day.

You’d think I’d be a happy go lucky kid right now. I need to be more like Andrea. Someone makes her mad or just says or does something she doesn’t like, she tells them. I have so much built up emotional trauma from childhood on, that I can’t just tell someone the truth. I’m always afraid they’re going to stop be my friend. If I told you that you hurt my feelings or that you made me mad, would you stop being my friend? Probably not. I need to get over it and be like her.

Happy day are here again…?

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