Thursday, February 7, 2008

So frustrating!!

I talked with my parents about AmeriCorps tonight.
That went well... NOT! It's SO frustrating to be so excited about something and having them think the worst of it. They don't understand why I want to do it. My mother said that I'm not millionaire. Does that mean that only millionaires should volunteer?
My dad said how so many charities are corrupt and the CEO's make all the money. Does that mean that ALL are and THIS one is. Volunteers don't MAKE money. He doesn't get that.

There was a fight.
Why can't they just say what i want to hear? "wow Ani, I'm proud of you for giving of yourself"
Not like I need to hear it. I know they're proud I'm graduating college (I'm proud) I WANT to give of myself. Isn't that God would want?


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