Monday, October 27, 2008

lots and lots...

So Friday night sucked! 
Well, not entirely. I went to go see my teacher in a play, miss Kaia Monroe ;-)  She was in Anton in Show Business.  It was funny, she was funny.  It had some weird points, like there was one actress (I worked with her at Arts and Ideas tis summer) who was in the audience and her role was an audience member (they were all actresses - no men, but they played men).  Kaia played a man, she was great.  I went with Angie who noted that Kaia makes a hot man hahaa... she's a BEAUTIFUL woman.  so then afterward we were going to get falafel with Jeff, well it turned out we got out too late for her to stay o I went to meet him on broadway. Parked my car and walked to Mamouns.  Well he ended up going home, or wires got cross (I never did talk about him in the past) and I went to my car.  I was there no longer than 20 minutes my car was dead.  Not that it wouldn't start, IT WAS DEAD. COMPLETELY!  Well I wait 20 minutes and Yale Security came and helped me. As I turned onto 2nd street (my street) my car DIED again. COMPLETELY! I called Raffi and he pushed it to our driveway.

Anyway so Saturday comes along, I did a lot of crocheting.  I didn't make it out to look for new batteries until later in the afternoon and by then this one place was closed and BJ's didn't have what I needed so I was shit out of luck.  I sat home and after mom and dad left for the wedding they were going to, Raffi went out with the neighbor (the creepy new white trash guy next door who told him he has a crush on me - GROSS!!!) and HIS car died on the way home, the belt in the engine broke.  So we're home alone, the wind was blowing like crazy... I have the doors locked because I'm freaked out about John (creepy neighbor) and I'm crocheting and watching scary movies.  Not a good combo, especially when Raffi decided he wanted to gout with his friends and leave me home alone.  I lived (obviously).

Yesterday, I finished the blanket I was making for Alem, It looks great and is on ravelry (I'll upload new pix by tomorrow) but I don't think I'm going to give it to her.  She's not talking to me and is being an adolescent about things so why should I give her something I worked so hard on if she doesn't give a shit about me. Right?  ANYWAY....

I went to a Haunted House (fright haven) last night with Jeff.  I had to go pick him up from New Haven then go to  West Haven since he doesn't have a car (got rid of it since he lives and works downtown.  Well, I had an okay time.  I just don't feel any sparks with him but I guess he feels something, though I bet its just horny.  He's a nice enough guy and cute, but thats not good enough for me.  I'm a little jealous of Beth, she seems to be making great connections with people (friends or lovers) on  OKC but I'm SO not! hahaa..

Fright haven was okay, waited in line for almost 2 hours between the main line and the next line then the line for the haunted house we picked.  We picked the one that was all dark.  We ended up going in with 4 kids who were scared shitless before we even got in and they we so happy to see Jeff, little did they know that he was just as scared as them.  I had to be the man, which was funny.  I don't mind if a man is scared, makes me fee macho :-)  The kids barely stopped screaming though out.  I blame them for the fact I walked into a wall... now my face is bruised, well under the skin - thankfully you cant see it.  It wasn't bad.

Interesting indeed.

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