Monday, October 27, 2008

Miss Ani - Teacher

So I just came home from JoAnn fabrics. I went to get some place holder things and some yarn... I was in the isle looking at the yarns for - what felt like forever - trying to decide what color to get for a hat for Todd.  Well I, sort of under my breath to mom, said "UGH, everything is made in friggin TURKEY!"  This woman next to me laughed. She apologized and explained that she tried a bunch of Turkish wool and hated them all, hard to work with, uneven etc.  

I explained about why I don't like the Turks, the genocide and all.  She was floored and mentioned the holocaust.  I explained to her how Hitler had said "Who now speaks of the Armenians." She was amazed. I also mentioned a book "The 40 days of Musah Dagh" and she said she was going to buy it and show it to her husband.  She was so cute and excited to be learning about this stuff, it felt good to be teaching her about it.

It amazes me that people still haven't heard about this stuff... but I'm so glad they're open to hearing about it and learning!

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