Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Okay... so it's been a while since I've blogged.

This blog is a review of whats happened the last few weeks with pictures! *YAY PICTURES!*

Well a few weeks ago I went to the Annual ACYOA leadership conference. I had a nice time, and got to see people I hadn't seen in a while. Luckily, we had some beautiful weather and I went for a couple walks in the beautiful outdoors...

This is Mhair, Bethany and Ari... looking cute and stuff. There were so many sculptures around. I love my silly pictures. I hadn't seen Mhair in like 10 years when he was a WEEE lad! So strange that these kids I used to be older than and teach, are now kids I hang out with.

Anyway, So there was a big birthday recently! Joe turned 30 on Match 13th and his fabulous wife decided to throw him a big surprise party. I was so happy she asked for help with things, I miss throwing parties!!!

Anyway, we "scrap booked" this great poster:

This is Joe walking out after he had just walked in and we all screamed SURPRISE!!!

(he was surprised)

We played lots of Rock band! and it ROCKED!!
I forgot how fun Rock Band was! We had a blast, even Joe's mom started singing and playing!

The next day? St Pattys Parade day in New Haven.
I was on the fence about going... but I couldn't not go... and good thing. I have a great time :-)
Hung out with Alexia and Jeff most of the time...

And all his friends. They were a blast, remind me of all my friends. They said "see you again" Maybe they'll invite me to hang out :-) They guy with Jeff here is cute :-)

These guys were SO wasted!! the kisser is a UNH student, the kissee is a Boston guy who talked with an accent that sounded fake... but asked if I was mocking his accent when I did... hahahaa... oh well!
They were like "hey! come hang out with us!! I was like... um... yea... Let me hang out with drunk boys i never met.
Craig mentioned how we normally do a spanking (this was at the radio station) and the kisser looked at me and insisted he wanted to be spanked by me. I think i spanked him (bare butt of course) at least 5 times. each time he said harder, harder, meanwhile my hand was swollen and in pain from hitting so hard. Masochist!

Of course there were Wrappettes! I wasn't into it... I'm over the wrappette thing.

Awesome pic of Lex and me! :-)

A girl from work had her birthday last week! I decided I was tired of crappy store bought cakes, they said she only likes carrot cake, so I insisted I'd make it. They were all SO impressed! They thought it was SO delicious! (and it was) I used a recipe I found using baby food. The cupcakes were so moist! Yum!

Saturday was an ARS meeting at our house, mom was freaking out (as she always does when people are coming over) She doesn't realize that I clean the house every weekend. I got some GOOD cleaning done in the kitchen tho... this stove it beautiful, but there are parts that i could never get clean, I asked if the knobs come off... she said yes and gave them to me! I got htem O CLEAN! I was SO excited!!!

The tea party spread. They were so happy for the tea sammies! They said I should cater haha yay! I would love to cook and bake for a living. i love it.

I've also worked on a lot of crochet projects in the last few weeks. I finished this scarf in a "star" stitch, can you see the stars?

And I made Torte! Torte the turtle! I love him, he hangs out at work now. He came hiking with me and Amy and Todd and Ted this weekend. More about hiking later though

I've been feeling sick on and off for weeks now i feel so crappy! The computer screen hurts my eyes so I'm going to sign off! Later!!


  1. If your eyes hurt from staring at the computer screen the best thing to do is turn down the screen's brightness. It will help reduce eye strain and headaches.

  2. I have tried that, it doesn't seem to help any, its really frustrating!!