Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ice Cream Cake

Who doesn't love cake?
More importantly, who doesn't love ice cream cake?

Well Raffi asked for an ice cream cake for his Birthday... so of course I made it.

I mentioned to a handful of people about making an Ice Cream cake for my brothers birthday and had requests for the recipe. I was planning on blogging pictures, but since there was so much interest in the recipe, I'm going step by step.

I don't actually have a recipe. I made an ice cream cake for the first time in high school I think. And every time I've made it since then, I've perfected my steps, However, this time the cake isn't perfect because I didn't realize I had more time then I thought I did for the cake.

First, you have to have the right ingredients and tools. For an ice cream cake you have to have a spring from pan. It will not come out well without one.

Decide the flavors of ice cream you'd like, pick a type of cookie and you'll need whipped cream.
Raffi wanted Vanilla with fudge and "dolce de leche" ice creams. I got the vanilla but since there wasn't any of the carmel ice cream, I bought some carmel syrup.

Crush the cookies then I like to put a little bit (pretty much a dusting) on the bottom of the pan, it helps to take it off the pan easier.

If you like your ice cream cake to have actual cake in it (some people make it that way) you can make a half recipe and bake it in the pan, then go from there...

Pour in your first layer of ice cream, followed by crushed cookies. Because Raffi wanted a carmel cake, I decided to put carmel on top of the cookie crumbs...

After that later sets for several hours, you can add the second layer of ice cream and freeze at LEAST over night.

Once the cake is frozen you now will take it out of the spring form pan.

Once out, you want to "frost" it with the whipped cream

Try to get it as smooth as possible. If you want, and Actually, I would suggest it because why not, Once frozen a bit, put another layer of whipped cream on the cake.

You can decorate it anyway you like, I put sprinkles/jimmies on the side then wrote "happy birthday" on the cake

Because I didn't realize Raffi would not be around and the cake would sit in my freezer for like 5 days, I did a quick job. Speedy ice cream cake making does not come out perfect. Note the center of the cake that is all vanilla. BOO!

Of course this just means I'll have to make another cake soon to make up for it. I'm thinking fathers day?

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