Monday, June 1, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Well, Raffi finally had some of his cake... And like duh he really liked it.

I finally went back to the gym... Gosh I missed it. Its such a great rush I feel when I go... Its just a matter of getting my ass there more.

I read an article in the latest Fitness that said working out gives you more energy - which I knew, I mean DUH! - but it mentioned working out in the am... I really want to see if I can get my ass up to do that because I think 1. I would really benefit and 2. its the best time for me. Just a matter of getting up in time and such. Every week I say I'll get up early and go, and every week it doesn't happen. One day it will :-)

In other news, I finally saw my moms scar after not seeing it for like.. 2 months? It looks awful... LOL but its a scar. I told her to rub Vitamin E on it... She made some silly excuse and blah... oh well, I cant make her... its her body!

PS, If you need a boost to get you motivated, I suggest they have their podcast on iTunes. Its awesome :-)


  1. i used to go running in the morning and it really made me feel better throughout the day. i totally recommend it!

  2. I need to get my knees in a good enough spot to be able to run first... I can't do it for too long... They're sorta crap...