Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good things have come! I waited!

So a few weeks ago I promised that good things were happening at the end of June… I did not lie! Good things happened. Or at least good thing happened! I moved out.

Within 2 weeks I decided to move out, found a place and moved.

Crazy? Maybe.

Ewa pointed out that I got my independence on Independence Day! Did I ever! If my mom had her way, I’d never move out. Ever. At all. EVER! Unfortunately, she’s old school from the old country and even though I was born in the old country, I am very new school. I first wanted to move out when I was 16… by 18 my dad came to me in private and asked me not to think about it because my mom would be so very sad if I left.

Anyway, I have a new home, a new zip code and a newfound happiness. I have to get used to not being around people as much (I got used to have my family all over the place after I moved back home) but I can do it. I actually loved it before.)

Anyway, I’ll prolly take picture of the place once I have it cleaned up a bit, my roommates aren’t the cleanest and Lord knows I’m a freak about it. The kitchen needs a serious overhaul! Ali knows that I’m OCD though. I reminded her. I need to OVERHAUL! Maybe this weekend. I need to take all the dishes out and clean the cabinets. They’re sorta NASTY. Whatev’s I still love living there. It’s awesome. There will be a party invite going out soon enough for a party. You’ll see, It’s beautiful :-)


  1. congrats on your leaving the nest. i bet it is still hard on your parents. what town do you live in?

    best of luck with your move. parov vyless!


  2. I'll bet your mom and dad are still missing you.

    congratulations on leaving the next. best of luck!!! parov vyless!!

  3. Thanks Mark

    I moved back to New Haven! I really do Love the city, its a little bit of a commute to work (especially since I'm going with all the traffic, ugh) but in the end, I'm in a city I love and near friends and living without my family!!

  4. Oh, and yes, I'm sure my parents miss me... They started before I moved out. But Boy I needed this!