Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm not sure what happened to me from like 5pm to like 7pm... I don't THINK I was depressed when I left work... but by the time I left the gym, showered, blow-dried and everything, I was depressed. I wandered stop and shop for an hour and I didn't even get a lot. I cant bing myself to smile even a little.

Working out is supposed to make you feel better... I had a great run. 35 mins. Over two miles. Why am I so sad.

I just want to eat some comfort food and be alone.

But not really be alone.
Even though I am.


  1. Hang in there Ani! We all have our days. I think I've been going through a phase where no a whole lot makes me happy. I'm trying to turn that around.

    I saw your other blog too. I need to start to hit the gym, perhaps it will help me turn things around.

  2. Sometimes the gym can be boring and be seen as the waste of energy it is.

  3. Oh I dunno about that!! I love working out, t feel awesome :-)

    I just having a bad couple days... but I'm better now! thank goodness!!