Monday, September 7, 2009


So, Exciting news!!

I've been really hoping I could start school this semester but because it took me so long to decide what I want to do, and then do it, I thought I wouldn't be going because I can't get financial aid if I'm not matriculated. Well, my mother basically said just take the class and she'd help me pay for it (which I'll have to pay her back of course).

So, I wasn't going to do it (especially since I missed a class last week already) but I made the plunge (KK & KS at work were like wtf, DO IT and my roomie was like, DO ITTTT!!!!)! Friday morning I signed p for my first Grad class and paid for it yesterday. The class is almost 1500 bucks, it'll be over 1500 once I buy the three books I need.

Anyway, the class is called "Bilingual Education: Principles/Practices"
I emailed the professor on Friday asking for the syllabus and anything I might need to know for class on Tuesday night. He emailed me the syllabus on Saturday. It looks scary. This is certainly going to be a tough class... but I'm hoping for the best!

I'm excited to be making a step toward something I really want to do... Just from the email, the teacher seems nice ("Its a pleasure to have you in my class" and I haven't even met him!!)

The class starts tomorrow after work (I get to leave early) and I am SO nervous!! I have to be sure to buy the books tomorrow before class and I'll have work like crazy to catch up! It's going to be a tough semester!


  1. Lifehacker has a good listing of sites that sell used textbooks, maybe that might help?

    Good luck with your new class! Don't distract the boys too much! :D

  2. I will try hard to not distrackt hem, but I cannot make ANY promises!!!

    I'll check out their books, but since I've already missed one class, I cant wait to buy the books, I have to buy them on the spot! Sucks but...