Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh my my!

So much has been going on lately...

A small stress had been released from my shoulders. The ARS dance was a HIT! We had so much fun, and made good money for charities! I had my hair done, cost me 60 bucks but I felt super pretty for 3 days :-)

Now we'll have to have an ARS meeting soon to discuss what we're going to do with the next dance (will we do it in a year, year and a half, two years?) Talk about our profit and where to send it all and also, talk about how to get more members.

Today, I went to get molds made of my teeth in order to have a mouth guard made for my teeth grinding. I feel good about it. I have been clinching my teeth a lot lately, and it hurts. I hate it.

Also, I've been thinking about braces again... I'm thinking about having free consult, see what my insurance will cover...hmmm...

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