Tuesday, January 25, 2011


While I think it may be possible for me to have some alcoholic tenancies, I am not an alcoholic.  Why do I think I know this?  I don't drink often.  When I do, I am 95% of the time in control and have less than enough to even feel much of a "buzz" but there is 5% of the time when I have actually had too much.  Not so much that I blackout and do awful things, but still, more than I am comfortable drinking.

So if this true, why did I decide to give up drinking for 365 days?  I'm not sure.  I've been thinking about it or a few weeks.  Some people have asked me why. Why?

Well, I've decided that I will be scratching number 19.  I'm not giving up alcohol.  I will, however, be more conscious of my drinking throughout the year.  I wont be drinking when I'm training and I think its okay to have a beer or two when I'm out with friends.  So number 19 is... edited. Not zero alcohol, just less.

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  1. My boyfriend stops drinking alcohol from New Year's Day until St. Patty's day EVERY YEAR. It's like his own personal detox. The rest of the year, he doesn't drink excessively, but enough to have a good time. Anyway, i think it's cool that people take time and effort to exercise their self-control.