Saturday, April 2, 2011

Muslim in America

I just watch the end of the CNN show Muslim in America and I'm SO aggravated. 

I see these people who look intelligent say things like, "Islam isn't a religion" and I'm dumbfounded.  Really? It's not? How do you know? 

Soledad O'Brien was in a Tennessee town where the Muslim community finally saved up enough money to move out of the 1 bedroom they had been using to worship and build a community center which included a Mosque.  The people of the community split in two, young and old equally. They showed two young boys fighting over if Muslims have the right to worship. Amazing. 

Apparently, the bigots.. er... members of the community, feel that Islam isn't a religion, and since 9/11, even if it were a religion, they don't have the right to practice.  I suppose they're allowed to be Muslims, as long as they don't "practice."

Is it just me? Are these people crazy?  My family moved here when I was 5 years ago.  We moved out of a country where there was war. Yes. Downright war.  If you haven't heard me talk about it before, just know that I would cry, crouched in the corner, covering my ears, asking my mom why.  It was the Muslims against the Jews. 

Maybe this is why I'm so open?  Maybe because I'm an immigrant I feel it more, but the draw of America, the reason why this country is so supposedly great is the freedoms!  America was built on so many freedoms!  It is the whole POINT of being an American and living in America.  And here this woman is saying she doesn't want Muslims to have a place of worship because its against the constitution! WHAT?? I can't wait for this case to go to the Supreme Court (which is where they want to go since the local court said Islam is a religion and they're allowed to build their community center) and the court justices give these people a smack in the face.

Lets not forget that Christians can be crazy too.  Its Christians that MURDER doctors for performing abortions.  Its Christians that MURDER mothers who want/need to have an abortion.  There are extremists in all areas of the world, of religion and everything.  Its not just Islam.

Muslims are people too.  Just like you and me.  Remember that the next time you see a woman with  head scarf.  Don't just attack or think things...

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