Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Run Wild

That's how Christopher McDougall signed his book to me (and likely everyone else that night).
I love it! Run Wild!  What a great concept! A great idea! Just run, run because you want to, not because you have to, and enjoy the journey.  At least thats how I take those two words.

Number 3 on my list of 30 things is training and running in TWO half marathons, or as I like to call them, halfathons, this year.  This is something that I'm starting to doubt. 

I have 83 days until the Fairfield Half, and I'm so anxious about the whole thing!  I've been slowly building up my running by running and walking 3-4 days a week with cross-training mixed in.  I was feeling good! Great even! Especially on days I bricked!! (Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between, just as you would do in a race. Usually when people talk about bricks they refer to a bike/run workout, but bricks could also refer to a swim/bike workout or to a run/bike workout [cited])

Anyway, two weeks ago, I was feeling strong!  I ran better than I had in WEEKS! After my run, I did my normal "brick thing" like I'd been doing for weeks and went on to the bike. Later that evening I spent over 5 hours on my feet in the city (NYC for those who are unsure) and early on into it, I was unhappy.  My knees, mostly my right one, were SO angry with me.  I knew I was going into the city that night, I should not have run so hard, but it felt so good.  I haven't run since...

Now here I am, over 2 weeks later, one week since I've worked out at all, and my knee isn't getting any better! If anything its getting worse? Really? Worse? 

I stay off it as much as possible, I ice, I take ibuprofen, I am still in pain!

I'm mad.  How DARE my body do this to me!  Does it not know who I am?! Does it not know what I'm trying to DO!?  How DARE it try to RUIN my goal of two halfathon's this year!  I'm too scared to sign up for my second one because I have so much self doubt over whether I can even do ONE! (I say scared because I'm not a gambler, the 2nd Half is 80 bucks... kinda steep to lose for my tight ass) 

Today I went back to the gym.  Determined.  I've been trying to think of what I have to do to get there.  I've made up my mind on a plan.  From now, until I can run again this is what my plan is:
  • I will bike every other to every third day. 
  • On days I do not bike, I will walk.  
  • Once I can walk without pain for 30 minutes, I will buildup to power walk and then intervals.  I was doing hills before, but I have to keep it to no hills for now (until I build my knees back).
  • Every other day I need to work in weight machines for building up the muscles in my legs.  For now, this means leg curls and leg extensions, until I feel strong enough to add more.
My hope is that in a month (hopefully less) I can run again. That means only 2 months to train for the half.  TALK ABOUT ANXIETY!
I just have to remember that last year, I ran the same half, my first half ever, on a sprained ankle in 3 hours and 8 minutes with my longest run at 8 miles. That's great for a fat kid who never rain before February 2010!

My goal for this race was to do it injury free, and in under 3 hours.  I want to run 13 minute miles which would put me at about 2 hours and 45 minutes.  That is my goal.  Can I get there? Can I do it? I hope so!

With your support, I know I can do it!

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