Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good bye for now...

Last night I said good bye to my friend Liz. I've known Liz since she & I were in 9th & 11th grades, respectively. That's about 13 years. 13!!!

Sometimes I forget that because when I started working in radio I eventually brought her along with me. Dragged her along to be my intern, made her party at the promotions with me, and made her stay. Well, I think staying was her decision...

We both grew closer, made all the same friends and started part of what is now known as the Ultra Radio family. That's what it is, a family.

As happy as I am for my little Lizard, I'm sad too because I'm selfish and I'm going to miss her. She's starting a new chapter of her life. Moving to Texas for a job doing something she enjoys with a man she really loves, who loves her and, in my opinion, completes her.

I expressed my fear of losing touch with each other, which is unwarranted, and we vowed to not.

All I can say, I've said already... I love you Liz, and we'll skype real soon! Stay safe, make tons of friends, live every moment to its fullest.

Love, Ani nani nani!
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