Sunday, June 26, 2011

What's Next?

That's what I've been asking myself for weeks and months. Actually, it's been a year or more... ever since I knew I was being laid off.  You'd think I have no brain because I have no idea.  I have no idea and I have so MANY ideas! I want to do it ALL!!  I have way too many interests, mixed with my ADD.. forgetaboutit.

A couple weeks ago I decided I want to be a teacher. Elementary school teacher. I'm pretty excited about it!  It's something I've thought about a lot over the years and it is why I went back to college for in the first place; I wanted to be an art teacher.  However, I think an unprofessional advisor (I switched my major after one semetser to painting because I was so annoyed at him) then fear (though I won't admit it if you asked me) over can I do it (Praxis 2 in art sounded SO HARD), made me cut off the dream at the knees.  I pretty much told myself I didn't want to be a teacher and I believed myself.

Cut to a couple weeks ago, I was driving somewhere, I think to my friends BBQ, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks! Within days I was gathering information. I called College Board to get my SAT scores.  I was SO SURE my scores were right there.  I spend the 30 bucks to get the scores out of archive, $10 to send them to the CT Dept of Education something or other (for the waiver) and another 30 to rush the scores to me (otherwise it would have been 4-6 weeks, rushed it was 3-5 days).  I figured $70 was worth not having to take Praxis 1 and starting a masters program in the fall.  About a week later I got a letter in the mail from them.  My scores were inside.  I was so excited and anxious.  What if I was wrong?

Well, I was wrong.  I was short 10 points. 10 points!! So now everything is put on hold. Well not everything. I just can't start in the fall.  There is no way to take the praxis and have the scores sent to the schools in time. I will ask go, but in spring... now I have the chance to make sure I pick the right school for me. There are three school in my town then one 30 minutes away, where I got my undergrad from.  I have now been to one info session and liked what the woman had to say, 3 more to go.  This is going to be a tough call because the three schools by me are all private, aka expensive but the public school is the only one that doesn't offer an internship.

I spent my Saturday night looking at online Praxis tests. Got all but 2 right on a math one! But my math is rusty (wait.. how do you multiply fractions??)... I better pull out my old algebra and calculus books! (Its sad how much I love math...)

Oh! And the coolest thing I learned at the info session?  Since I have my BS in Art, I can take Praxis 2 for Art and be cross certified in both Elementary and Art Ed!! 

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