Monday, July 11, 2011


Diet is a word that is thrown around a lot. When I use the word, I mean a diet, the noun, not the verb or adjective.  I used to think of the verb as a good thing, but its too overused.  I see the up and down of people who do diet.  I do not diet, but I watch my diet.

The problem is people feel they have to be in pain and miserable in order to eat a healthy diet and to lose weight when it just isn't true. It's also because of my unhealthy thoughts of diets that I stopped using the word.  I'll just say that I lost a lot of weight once.  I'll also say that I'm surprised I still love watermelon so much after that. You take from that what you will.  Most women would be with me on their unhealthy thoughts of the verb diet. "To diet."

But I digress.  I think we all know that people with certain health issues, problems and whatnot can be helped through diet. Well, I never thought that my problem could.  It was all just a chance conversation with a friend who has the same thing. She mentioned cutting carbs helps and told me to google it, which I did.

I was surprised to find on many websites, including, mentioned diet helping symptoms.  Why had my doctors never told me this before?  I mean, my problem isn't a huge deal, its not life of death.  It makes some things difficult and it hurts my vanity.  Who knew that DIET could help (not A diet, just diet).

What is the diet? A GI diet. A low Glycemic Index diet.  Also known as a diabetic diet.  This diet is actually just a really healthy one and is good for everyone, especially for weight loss.

Something like this is difficult to stick with because its not like I'll go into insulin shock if I eat chocolate cake, I'll just mess with my hormones and stuff.  This will be a challenge, but I do appreciate a good challenge.

Now, instead of making so many cookies and cakes with white four, I'll be looking to make them with whole wheat flour and naturally sweet things rather than sugar.  I did also learnt hat watermelon is very high on the GI and I should probably stay away from it.  I likely won't, but I should.

Wish me luck!

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