Friday, August 10, 2012


Its been a stressful few months with classes and whatnot, but I'm slowing trying to find ways to work on my bucket list of things!  Recently, I've finally started yoga classes.  Found that a classmate is a yoga instructor, and she teaches at my gym! What luck!  I've been going and its rough!  But I'm going to keep on trucking along!  All I know is that I leave with my hands hurting!

Right now I don't find yoga stress-relieving, but I know it will get there!  I'm wondering if I should purchase a yoga DVD to use on the other days of the week... Has anyone ever used a yoga DVD? How do you feel about it?

I need yoga because its good for ADD/ADHD and I am not interested in taking medicine for it (honestly I've tried and nothing seems to help enough to be worth the money and side effects).

Anyway, I'd love some feedback and advice!

Happy reading!

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  1. I have a couple yoga DVDs, but an actual class seems better because the instructor can make sure you're doing each pose exactly right. I ran into trouble with the DVD and not being sure what to do sometimes. I bet that once you get better at it and have all the moves down, a DVD would be good to just guide you though.

    Have you ever tried Tai Chi? It is calming, ridiculously good for you (balance, joints, etc) and is calming. The best part is that the moves are easier to learn than most yoga moves. It's kinda like comparing swimming to running (tai chi is swimming, yoga is running). Easier on your body and on your joints but still good exercise and good for focus.