Sunday, March 29, 2009

Skinny Assholes is more like it....

I have to start by saying that I have nothing against vegetarians and vegans. I have good friends that are either one or the other. I've known people all my life that are. There is my disclaimer. Oh, and if you liked, loved or enjoyed this book, I am in no way bashing you. You are a reader, not an author, editor or publisher. The opinions in this blog are by me and only me. All quoted material is from the book Skinny Bitch. An astonishingly bad book.

First off, Skinny Bitch has some good ideas, I can appreciate that these woman have ideas about nutrition that they want to share with the world. I think that is awesome! If you found something that really worked for you and made you feel awesome, PLEASE share with other people because it could very well get people out of the rut they are in.

This book is labeled "Diet/Health" - that is the label that says what kind of book it is, HOWEVER, this book has very little diet in health in relation to the amount of BELITTLING it does to the reader if you don't agree with them. Look here if you need quotes. Besides the belittling the book is packed other non-diet information.

Chapter 6: You Are What You Eat 19 pages
Chapter 7: The Myths and Lies About Protein 5 pages
Chapter 9: Have No Faith 23 pages

These three chapter might as well be put into one chapter titled: Our Feelings About the Meat Industry, as Backed by PETA. These chapters in the book moved me, after all, I'm not a heart less bitch. These chapters were not written to tell you the health benefits; these chapters were written to play at your heart strings, to make you sad, to make you not want to eat meat. Did it work? Yes! I'm scared to death of what I put in my body now! I feel bad for the animals that are treated poorly. That being said, those chapters DO NOT, did you read that? Lets make sure you got it, Those chapters DO NOT BELONG IN A DIET AND HEALTH BOOK. This book was backed by PETA, are you surprised? I sure as hell am not. If there are health reasons to be a vegetarian or vegan, then I want to know about them, I do not, however, want to be SCARED into being a vegetarian. Every few paragraphs inHave No Faith ends with "trust no one" and they don't need to worry, I don't. Starting with them. Why should I trust what is said to me by a pair of women who only care about converting me?

I've already ranted about the wording of the book and how I find it disgusting. That said I now have to quote a word I don't dislike, but now (thank to the authors) wince at. Chapter 10:Don't Be a Pussy is a chapter that I start off agreeing with. Back to some actual health related information. Keeping a journal and noting how you feel when you eat certain things. Taking care of yourself above everyone else because if you don't do it, who will? Good points! I have to say, it's frustrating reading the book because within all the BS they actually make good points at certain times. Early on in the book (and on the last page) they say how being healthy is more important than being skinny, but throughout the book all they talk about is being skinny, want to be skinny? Do this, otherwise you're a dumb ass (always with the insults).

The only thing more annoying than the "Where do you get your protein?" question is the "My body is craving meat, I must need iron" comment. Most cravings are not reliable indicators of what our body needs. Smokers crave cigarettes... Junk food eaters crave junk food. If you eat shit for a few days, and you begin to crave a salad or a piece of fruit, that's a craving you can trust. Otherwise, it's your addiction talking. Bitch slap it, and get a hold of yourself. But feel free to try and understand your addiction first.
What?! Talk about hypocrisy! DON'T TRUST YOUR CRAVINGS, Unless you crave a salad. How does that make sense?! Talk about BS, talk about not being trustworthy. Sure cravings are not always to be trusted. How do you say in one sentence to not trust them, then follow up with the contrary? Do I think that a salad craving is trustworthy? Yes, I love salad, and when I was in Paris I craved salads! (They don't eat much salads in Paris, and all they have is mayo based dressing. I prefer a hearty veggie filled salad with a little balsamic vinegar, after a few weeks ideff was craving salad!) However I don't think that a craving for a steak or Chicken breast is the devil talking to you. Come on! Get over yourselves!

They then go on to talk about fasts, and how the longer you fast, the healthier you will be afterward. Thank goodness they follow that up with "read up on fasting before diving in" and "you've gotta learn to crawl before you can walk" in regards to going from your current diet to a water fast. Well thank goodness they're being responsible! I worry about the sheep that read this book then follow it to a T thinking it will fix them.

Chapter 11 Let's Eat: They wrote the book because? The first thing on the list??
We could not tolerate the cruelty associated with a meat-eating diet and we wanted to help end animal suffering.
Really?? 2, they don't want real jobs and 3, change peoples lives. In other words: They want to turn people into Vegans. First and foremost and if they happen to help people change their lives and they wont have to get real jobs, all the better! Wow... nice. So they just admitted here that they only wrote the book to push their ideas and ideals onto other people. Nice. Thanks.

They continue to say don't eat breakfast until "you're really hungry... Don't eat lunch until you're close to ravenous... When you're feeling really hungry, it's time for din-din." No nutritionist in their right mind would tell you to do that! I repeat.NO NUTRITIONIST IN HIS OR HER RIGHT MIND WOULD TELL YOU THIS. The hungrier you are the more you'll eat, the faster you'll eat and the poorer choices you will make. This is the Skinny Bitch Guide to a Starvation Diet that may end up in a Fat Ass - If you wait to eat till you're starving, you will make bad choices. That's that!

"Donate blood. You can save a life and lose weight at the same time." Okay, now they've gone too far. DO NOT DONATE BLOOD IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT. If I ever meet these women, I will BITCH slap them SO far off the planet. What an irresponsible comment to make to impressionable readers. Now people dying to lose a few pounds will run and donate as much blood as they can! Donate because you're healthy enough to, donate because you want to save lives! I donate on a regular basis, I'm passionate about it! But not to lose weight!

"Keep your eyes peeled for bad press regarding veganism. Its usually planted by the industries that are threatened by the movement." After reading this book, I have such little faith and respect for the vegan community (my friends aside). For them to support this book is amazing.

If you're like me, you were not curious where they got the name of the title from. They're bitches who are skinny and they want to teach you to be the same: Skinny Bitch was born. Apparently, we're wrong. They title came about:
to get attention and sell books. we just wanted to spread our message far and wide and thought Skinny Bitch was a good way to do it. But we are not bitches, and we have no desire to promote bitchiness. There's not thing uglier than a pretty woman who's nasty.
Who you tellin'?? Yes, Bitchiness is an ugly quality. I've never seen two uglier woman than the ones on the back of your book. Oh wait. That's you. OOPS! "Spread the word, but be careful not to preach" um, too late. This book is a 5 hr long preaching session. "Even if you are being non-judgmental, people may feel threatened by your righteousness" YOU ARE THE ONES BEING JUDGMENTAL. I'm not sure if these women (God forgive me) are smart enough to know the words they are using because honestly, they don't know that they're being hypocrites with every word. This is the reason why I never was a fan of the vegan community. They preach like crazy religious sects and they don't care.

UGH! Anyway, as I said earlier, every once in a while this book says something that I think is genuine and smart. "You are what you think" They talk for a few pages about positive thinking and the importance of it in our lives. Very true. Too many people like to wallow in their misery, depression aside. Some people are the Eeyores of today and its sad. Ooooh Bother...waa waaa. Think positive or else you're going to make everyone miserable with you! Great points! (though not technically health related, I can see how it can fit in the context.)

This book has left me feeling dizzy. They go between topics constantly and talk about things that do not have to do with diet and health. Go dress sexy? Wear your nice panties? Ask for fashion advice? Besides all the Animal cruelty PSA stuff that was in the middle, this stuff doesn't have a place in a health and diet book. This has me asking the question: What the heck is this book about? "We keep encouraging you to look your best, but, don't for the love of God, don't associate your worth with your appearance." Do you see my confusion with this book. Do you see where I'm coming from? Where I'm going?

I feel bad for people who read this book without any other nutrition knowledge and think that it is a the word of God. While it had some good points and some actual health information, it was filled with a lot of BS and and NON-Health info.

If you want a book about health and nutrition, I suggest 8 Weeks to Optimum Health by Dr Andrew Weil. I have read the book and it is awesome. Its not just a diet book but a book for your whole health. Dr Weil is a doctor. A real one. Degrees and all. I appreciate his books because he backs up all the health information with reasons for it that are medical. As opposed to: don't eat meat, its mean to the animals.

I don't hate animals, I love them. As I said, I was moved by the chapters sponsored by PETA, but I resent the authors trying to scare me into changing my diet. I actually found myself thinking, "Oh my goodness, I can never eat meat again, no meat no dairy, POOR PIGS AND COWS!" Then I woke up this morning and thought to me self, "Wait, they brainwashed me!" I felt dirty and used and angry. Again this is just my opinion.

I was starting to think I was the only crazy one until I was backed up by a cool cat. Erin Huggins is someone I found through twitter (she's sorta awesome actually). According to her website, "Erin is a certified pilates instructor, personal trainer, nutritional counselor, metabolic typing advisor..." etc etc... check out her site if you want to see what else. Anyway, she backed me up, agreeing that the book is a load of dung.

She also shared her opinion and a site, "soy sucks! not healthy for you - unless fermented. One of the worst health food fallacies ever." Will I take her word as that of my own Bible? Not necessarily. But she also isn't pushing me to believe her own beliefs, and to eat the way she does. Erin is challenging me to find out what's right for my body.

That is all any of us can do. Read all you can and want to about nutrition. If you are want to be a vegetarian because you feel strongly about it, or don't like meat or are allergic, that's awesome! Good for you! But don't try to change other peoples beliefs because of your own. That's what pisses me off most. That these authors sold millions of books, and they don't care about your nutrition, but because they are PETA fanatics.

Thus ends my rant. Thank you for reading :-)


  1. Ani... I agree with you love but the book is intended for an audience that is looking to be vegan or vegetarian because they share smiliar views with the authors. also, a few of the things you said that were not health related... well, health isn't just what you eat- as you know. It's also about what you think. I'm glad that I have a friend like you that is not afraid to call it like it is :)

  2. You're right, a lot of things do in fact affect your health. And I did note that the positive thinking helps, but talking about panties and fashion?

    Thanks for the props love! I'm glad I have you as a friend too ;-)