Monday, April 20, 2009


It's been a while since I posted last.
Things have been a little crazy.

My mom found out her heart was having problems... within days she had surgery.
Seems her heart was trying to survive on 40 beats a minute. It needs to be at about 60-70. Quite a difference. So 2 weeks ago She had a pacemaker put in. She was really scared. I was scared too.
Since then I have been doing all the things a good daughter does... EVERYTHING!
After a week she went back to work which meant I had to do her hair for her since she cant lift her arm. All I know is that before the surgery, I was scared to death bc her heart was BARELY BEATING and now, I'm not. Her supervisor told me she was scared to go to bed bc she didn't think she'd wake up. I nearly cried when she told me that!

I can't even think what else has been going on lately bc my moms "illness" has really been the reason for most of what I've been doing and what I've been doing.

This weekend I went to Gotham for Gay night with some friends, it wasn't planned but we ended up there. It was great. If I ever have to go to dancing, I want it to be there only. HOT topless (albeit gay) men, dance floor isn't crowded with stupidly drunk dancers, and the couples, while more affectionate to each other, seem less sloppy, and I found it more cute than hetero couples (LOL).

I checked out an online meeting for my problem that I've barely eluded to last week. It was an introductory meeting, then when I went to an actual online meeting, I got kicked out then forgot I was in the chatroom so that didn't work well. I'll have to try again. I need help and its something I'm going to have it work out.

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